World Cup nails 2014 (Holland)

Beauty, Nail art, Swatches
The Father’s Day nails had to leave because Holland had its first match today in the World Cup 2014.
There are a few events in Holland which colors our country orange and red/white/blue (flag) and this is one of them 😀
I’m not a huge football/soccer fan but you can’t skip the World Cup right?
Surprisingly we won so I guess I have to keep these nails for the next few weeks ;-P
These are the polishes I used:
From left to right:
– Rimmel Cocktail Colour 120 Shirley Temple
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 01 Topscorers
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 02 Hattrick!
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 03 Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
– L’Oréal 926 Independence Day
And I added some free hand accents with acrylics.
And a close up of the World Cup Trophy
Good luck all!!

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