This is part 3, the last part about #JiorNailsAndDrink which is the summer collection 2014 by Jior Couture.
Part 1 can be found here.
Part 2 can be found here.
Part 3 is all about Mango Lassi.
Release date: June 28
And of course again inspired by the drink:



This time I start with the review as I think it’s important to get my information first before seeing the swatches.
Mango Lassi looks like a very sheer light orange pearly polish with pinkish shimmer in it.
Applied on the nail it’s more like a clear polish filled with gold and orange/pinkish shimmer.
This lacquer is meant to be used as a topcoat.
Mango Lassi is a Photochromic topcoat. It changes color/gets darker in sunlight.
I never had any experiences with this and was really looking forward to getting it to work.
I’ve tried it on many colors but I wasn’t really able to see a darker color in the sun.
Just a slight difference appeared when looking at the pictures I took.
I asked Sacha (owner Jior Couture) about it and she said that indeed it just gets a hint darker.
Now, to get it a hint darker it’s best to use light colors such as whites, nudes, pastels etc.
But OMG…here comes the best part about this lacquer.
When you apply it on whatever color,
the shimmer hits you right in the face when you’re having sunlight.
The shimmer changes color with movements similar to duo chromes & multi chromes.
The LE collection by Picture Polish (Aurora, Gravity etc.) or Color Club’s Pearl-Spective work similar but have bigger (and more colors) glitters, shimmers or flakies.
This is more subtle.
The consistency of the polish is like a jelly.
I used 2 coats for my swatches but more coats means more shimmers so perhaps the effect builds up too.
I didn’t use a topcoat for the swatches.


Really hard to catch the shimmers on camera with a macro shot.
This is Mango Lassi layered over Maybelline 250 Deep Violet.

This is Mango Lassi layered over Color Club-Holy Chic!
Picture taken in the shade.
The shimmers look more like silver shimmers in the shade (or inside the house).

Again Mango Lassi layered over Color Club-Holy Chic!
But this time a picture taken in the sun.
Which brings us to a comparison picture to show the effect of a hint darker (photochromic):
This is Mango Lassi layered over China Glaze-Liquid Leather.
Picture taken in the shade.
Again Mango Lassi layered over China Glaze-Liquid Leather.
Pictures taken in the sun.
I’m not so sure about the photochromic part or what it really stands for…
But this lacquer is worth buying for the shimmers and color shifts.

Nail art

It’s so hard as a blogger to find the right way to (indie) brands and being able to swatch/review for them.
But it is what makes this blogging thing more nice.
I want to thank Sacha for giving me this opportunity and as a special thank you I made a Jior Couture nail art inspired by this image:
Here are some links to Jior Couture:
– Webshop
– Twitter
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