Will you be cheering for the Netherlands today?

Beauty, Nail art
We’re still there! Yay!
I know most of you think: 
*football :-(*
*Netherlands :-/*
But a mani is a mani right?
And luckily the colors of our flag are red, white and blue which makes mani’s like these also usable for 4th of July ;-D
What’s there?
I started with a white base on all nails.
Two nails got a diagonal gradient of red, white and blue and are topped with white nail tattoos:
Arts Queen Professional Nail – Nail Tattoo BW009
The other two nails have red and blue splatter over the white base.
I used a cut drinking straw to blow the polish on the nails.
Polishes used:
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 01 Topscores
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 02 Hattrick!
– Essence Hup Holland Hup 03 Wilhelmus van Nassouwe

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