Swatches, review & nail art Essence Trend Edition Hello Autumn

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Essence just came out with their new trend edition called “Hello Autumn“.
With this collection Essence welcomes the autumn season with its beautiful golden sunshine and rustling leaves.
The nail lacquers featured in this collection are all thermo nail polish and change color depending on the temperature.
But how many lacquers are in this collection?
The blog promo I received and the website as well show 5 lacquers.
So far I could only get my hands on 4 and haven’t seen the 5th one anywhere.
The 4 lacquers I could get, are:
01 beauti-FALL red
02 meet my pumpkin
03 charlie seen in green
04 keep calm & go for a walk
And this would be the 5th lacquer:
05 autumn & the city
Well, you know me, if I can get my hands on the 5th lacquer anytime, I will update this post with it.


I’m finally starting to love a good thermo polish. Especially with long nails cause it gives a perfect French manicure without any trouble.
These nail lacquers are so perfect for the fall season; great fall colors and the color change like fall leaves couldn’t be found better.
I’m starting with the review so you won’t be shocked when seeing the swatches 😀
I had a lot of trouble catching the color change on camera. It was there in real life but subtle.
I experienced that my body temperature was low and it was a cold day as well…leaving me with mostly the “cold” color.
Holding my hand under warm water and resting my tips at some ice did show a bigger color change.
In the swatches you will see a subtle color change around the tips which was just slightly more visible in real life.
Now, if the bigger color change can only be achieved by holding your hand in hot water or a bucket full of ice…it isn’t a strong thermo but my problem is that I can’t really tell for sure.
Leaving you with my experience, I do have to say that even this subtle color change and simply the fall colors itself make this a beautiful fall collection.
For me all 4 are keepers!
Application was easy and these creme polishes were opaque with 2 coats.


01 beauti-FALL red
02 meet my pumpkin
03 charlie seen in green
04 keep calm & go for a walk

Nail art

The first fall nail art is a fact.
And I tried something new for you!
– White nail polish
– Nail art brush
– Nail polish in fall colors (I of course used this collection)
– Scotch tape also known as magic/removable tape
– Pen or pencil or marker
– Scissors (preferably small and used for crafting)
– Tweezers
– Topcoat
Step 1:
Start with applying a white nail polish on all the nails. 
Let it dry completely and use a topcoat to speed up the drying time.
Step 2:
Place some pieces of tape (10 if you’re going to do all 10 nails) on a flat surface. 
The pieces of tape can be as big as you want but around nail size is most handy.
Use a pen to draw fall leaves on the pieces of tape.
To prevent smudging and to make cutting easy, place another piece of tape on top of the drawed ones.
Step 3:
Use the scissors to cut out the fall leaves. 
And place the fall leave like a sticker on your nails.
Step 4:
Get your polishes and the nail art brush.
Paint small fall leaves around the outline of your sticker.
Wait for it to completely dry!!!
Step 5:
Use the tweezers or your nails to remove the stickers from your nails.
Step 6:
Apply topcoat to seal your design.

7 thoughts on “Swatches, review & nail art Essence Trend Edition Hello Autumn

  1. Hi!
    I love thermo nail polish. This afternoon I’ve boght the red one, and I’ve a question..Did you use a base coat in these swatches or not? Thank you! ❤

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