Eleven Pretty Presents

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I really want to try to completely take part in the NPQ “12 days of Christmas” challenge.
And so far…I’m doing well!
“On the 11th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Eleven Pretty Presents”
I’m so happy that today is the “presents” nail art cause it’s my B-day as well 😀

Twelve Twinkling Tree Lights

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Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) is hosting a beautiful Christmas challenge,
called “The twelve days of Christmas – NPQ style!”
First up is: Twelve Twinkling Tree Lights

Rainbow nails

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This week’s challenge over at Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) community is “ROYGBIV”,
better known as the colors of the rainbow: Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – Violet.
A rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon.
And it can bright up any dark day.
And here is the line-up of the polishes that I’ve used:

Winter look (nails+face)

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I really enjoy making those total looks.
But man, the trouble to get there 😀
First the nails…
I broke 3 nails down to pity size and just couldn’t get used to those tiny, sad looking nails.
Picture will show acrylic nails that I did myself.
For the nail art I started with a gradient of holo’s:
* A england – Tristam
* Layla – Ocean Rush
* KOH – Platinum Silver!
Which I stamped with white snowflakes.
Then the make-up…
Yesterday I’ve created a look that took me about 2 hours.
Too late to take pictures cause I really needed to get the kids from school.
I’ve made a total fool of myself by showing up at school with the make-up on (although the kids thought I was part of a Disney’s Frozen play).
Rushed home, took 125 pictures and decided NOT ONE was good enough :-/
Today I’ve been having more luck and I’m actually very, very pleased with how it turned out 😀
Hope you like it too!

Cherry blossom nail art

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Some time ago I received some nail mail from my dear friend +bubica vucko.
If you have some time, please give her blog a visit and/or enter her lovely give-away.
Today I’m showing you this gorgeous polish by Classics.
Classics Metallic nail lacquer 10.
In the bottle it looks like a duo chrome shifting from purple to bronze/gold.
In real life it’s more of a multi chrome but very hard to describe.
Main color in daylight would be a purple with beautiful metallic shimmers that shifts to a bronze in the shade and a bright blue-toned purple with direct lighting.
+bubica vucko you sure know what I love ♥
Application is easy and 2-3 coats gives a perfect coverage.


Picture taken in light box, no flash.
Picture taken in light box, with flash.
Picture taken in light box, no flash.

Nail art

This gorgeous polish screamed for a delicate nail art.
Inspired by a white blossoming tree, I came up with this design.
Thank you +bubica vucko!
You’re the best ♥

Movember nail art

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 Yes, it’s Movember.
Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues.
The goal of Movember is to change the face of men’s health.
I can’t grow a moustache (duh), but I can make a nail art for support.
Luckily for me, Movember is also the challenge over at Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) community.
If you have time…join us at NPQ and support Movember.
I’m sooooooo short on time lately, so this is a quickie.
Base color is: Kiko (Sun Show nail lacquer) 475
Moustache is created with loose gold holographic glitter.

Swatches Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat & multichrome rhinestones by Born Pretty Store

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Catrice recently came out with a new series of Million Styles Effect Top Coats.
The effect top coats all have a clear base filled with colored glass flecks.
From left to right:
01 Godfather of Pearl 
Godfather of Pearl is a mix of purple and pink glass flecks.
Although the pink glass flecks are visible, main color is purple.
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
¿Holo, Que Tal? is a mix of yellow and orange/pink glass flecks. This is the only one from this collection that has a very visible duchrome shift in any light source.
03 Have an Ice Day
Have an Ice Day is a mix of yellow/green glass flecks. Main color is a bit more green than the yellow color from ¿Holo, Que Tal?
04 Return of Space Cowboys
Return of Space Cowboys is a mix of blue and blurpe glass flecks. Main color is blue.
Of course these effect top coats can be applied over any color nail polish and/or on the natural nails.
I however, prefer lacquers like these applied over black.
‘Single nail’ swatches show 1 coat of effect top coats applied over 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather (black).
I have a glossy and a matte version for you.

Swatches glossy

Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken in light box with flash

Swatches matte

Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken in light box with flash


I can be short.
If you love glass fleck lacquers, these are wonderful for you.
Only note I can give is that they apply like a jelly (a bit syrupy, but workable).
I can imagine this will be harder to apply over time, as it will probably get more and more thick.

Nail art

Today’s nail arts feature another product that I received from Born Pretty Store.
Nail art wheel containing 200 pieces of heart, circle and marquise multichrome rhinestone nail decorations.
Of course I could go for a plain look by placing these rhinestones on top of my swatches but that wouldn’t be me, as I like to add some personal touch.
I thought of another nail art design that I was still dying to try out.
I wanted to do some sugar spun black strings topped with different colors of metallic transfer foils.
And this was the result:
I have to say that the total look was stunning but perhaps a little too much????
So I’ve made another design but this time a bit more calm…or so I thought 😀
Making silver holo area’s in which I placed the rhinestones.
If you want to order some goodies from Born Pretty Store.
You can use my code to get 10% off of your order:

Fall make-up look and nail look ft. products by Born Pretty Store

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After receiving many compliments on my Halloween look, I got inspired and decided to make another nail-face look.
This time with a fall theme.
Now, up front, I almost never wear make-up in my daily life.
Trying to get the kids ready for school is my No.1 priority, which leaves me with almost no time to even think about make-up.
On a good day I apply some foundation and a mascara 😀
However, I do love make-up and my laptop is full with make-up inspirations/tutorials etc.
My make-up stash isn’t bad either, if I may say so 😉
I’ve received some goodies from Born Pretty Store for reviewing and after creating the nail look, I also used these products for my face look.
So, let’s get started 😀
I really wanted to show a new nail polish brand (Swedish) that I’ve discovered around here; IsaDora.
Here are some swatches of 791 Autumn leaves.
Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken in light box with flash
Autumn leaves is actually a wine color with goldish shimmer (micro glitter),
Almost opaque with 1 coat, which shows more of the purple color.
With 2 coats it leans to a brown. Pictures show 2 thin coats.
The flash picture suggests that there might be some multi colored and/or holo micro glitters too.
And believe me, this is a true beauty as soon as it hits light/sun.
Not disappointed at all (except for the price maybe €11,50/$14,39).
We still had some sunny days here in Holland and I felt this was the last chance to try one of my holo topcoats.
I applied 1 coat of 12-12-2012 by Big City Nails (which is a Dutch Indie Brand).
Then I used one of the products that I’ve received from Born Pretty Store;
I’m not going through the whole process of how to apply water decals (if you are new to them, you can have a look at previous posts by me about water decals).
They were easy to use.
One note: They look best on a lighter background.
Above shows 1 coat of IsaDora 791 Autumn leaves, topped with 1 coat of Big City Nails 12-12-2012 (holo topcoat) and water decals by Born Pretty Store
The holo topcoat looks scattered on the picture but I actually saw a pretty linear holo in real life.
As I felt the darker background really didn’t do the water decal justice, I also made a nail look with a lighter background.
Base color used: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh C01 The Peach Boys.
Which look do you prefer?
On the accent nail you can see the other product that I’ve received from Born Pretty Store:
As you can see the leaf also has a little hole.
With a small jump ring it could work perfect as a nail piercing jewel or even as a charm on a bracelet/necklace.
Now, for the face look you’ll all be waiting for (of course ;-P)
Picture shows my hand with the first nail art in this post.
I’ve used the water decals on my cheek and some gold foil on the other one.
Around my hair line I’ve applied some decor fall leaves with hair wax.
I’ve used the 3D golden leave as a headlace.
Hope you like the look!

Swatches, review and nail art Essence Trend Edition Rock Out!!

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Things are going to get musical in october and november 2014 with the new Essence trend edition “Rock Out!!
Essence is once again an official sponsor of the MTV European Music Awards (EMA).
Glasgow is ready to welcome the who’s who of the international music scene on the 9th of november and fans can look forward to a breathtaking show.
It’s showtime…with Essence!
This trend edition features 4 lacquers and a glow-in-the-dark topcoat.
From left to right:
01 Best rock
02 Best hip-hop
03 Best pop
04 Best female
01 Biggest fan (glow-in-the-dark)


01 Best rock
Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken outside without flash
01 Best rock is a very sheer grey/silver jelly that contains green and pink micro flakies (glass flecks).
Building it up to opaqueness is dreadful.
I’ve used 2 thicker coats for the swatches above and noticed that a third or fourth wouldn’t make a huge difference and decided to leave it at two.
This polish is probably best used as a topcoat IMAO.
02 Best hip-hop
Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken outside without flash
02 Best hip-hop is a sheer black that contains multi colored and holoraphic micro glitter.
Too sheer for my taste.
Pictures above show 3 coats but in the future I would probably layer this over a black,
03 Best pop
Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken outside without flash
03 Best pop is a pink crelly containing gold and pink micro flakies (glass flecks).
This polish shows a lot more pigment than the others and therefore was beautifully opaque with two thin coats.
04 Best female
Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken outside without flash
04 Best female is a very sheer purple jelly containing silver and pink/purple micro flakies (glass flecks).
Again best to use as a topcoat.
Pictures above show 2 thicker coats but 3 or 4 won’t make a huge difference.
01 Biggest fan
Bottle shot in the dark
MTV EMA nail art in the dark
01 Biggest fan is a glow in the dark topcoat.
In the light the polish is like a milky jelly containing holographic star glitters.
The amount of star glitters is good and fishing and placement is at the users taste but not required much.
Good glow…picture however is taken after charging it with a bright light.
Black light gives an immediate strong glow.
01 Best Rock, 04 Best female and 03 Best pop layered over black
As I mentioned these polishes are all kind of sheer and I really wanted to know what they would look like layered over a black.
The pink (03 Best pop) was almost too opaque so I did a very very thin coat.


The lacquers are all very sheer…too sheer for my taste.
I’m also not a huge fan of the jelly like consistency.
Drying time of the first coat is okay but as your building it up, it takes more and more time.
And with at least 3/4/5 coats…I simply don’t have the time!!
Layering them over other colors is the perfect solution, especially over black is really something I love.
The glow in the dark topcoat is better than the previous one by Essence.
Consistency is easier to work with, the glow is better and I also like the addition of those cute holographic stars as it spices up the ‘day’ look.
I was pleasantly surprised by the glass flecks, they are more subtle than glitters in my opinion and I love the color shifts that they give.
Personal favorites: 03 Best pop and 01 Biggest fan (glow in the dark topper)

Nail art

What else can I do as taking this edition as my inspiration?!
I chose to use the bottle print as my design.
I started with a white base.
After this I randomly sponged 01 Best rock, 03 Best pop and 04 Best female over the white base.
Then I used black acrylic paint to cover the nails, leaving the letters out and showing the white sponged background.
I finished by covering the black acrylic paint with 02 Best hip-hop.
The thumb design is the same as the glow in the dark nail art from above but then in daylight 😀