And a Very Merry Christmas Tree

Beauty, Christmas, Christmas tree, glitter, love, merry Christmas, Nail art, nail polish
On the 1st day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
A Very Merry Christmas Tree
The challenge has come to an end (as all good things come to an end!).
And I am really, really glad that I managed to pull it off.
I will have some important news to share with you in my next post.
Make sure not to miss it!!
For now…

I’m wishing you a very merry Christmas!!
May you receive love and give love as it is the most important thing in life!! ♥

Two Glitter Bombs

Beauty, Christmas, glitter, glitter bomb, Nail art, nail polish, quote, sparkling
On the 2nd day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Two Glitter bombs
Perhaps not so Christmassy but the quote is a gift I want to give everyone this Christmas:

“Glitter bomb yourself, you were born to sparkle!”

Three French Tips

Beauty, Christmas, french manicure, Nail art, nail polish, snowflakes
On the 3rd day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Three French Tips
Lacquers used:
Anny Sunset Love (red)
Essence Hup Holland Hup Hattrick! (white)

Four Candy Cane

Beauty, Christmas, Happy New Year, Nail art
On the 4th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Four Candy Cane

Five Gold Bling

Beauty, champagne glasses, Christmas, Christmas ornaments, Christmas sock, Christmas tree, gold, Nail art, nail polish
On the 5th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Five Gold Bling
Five Gold Bling:
1) Gold champagne glasses (water decals that I received from my dearest friend +bubica vucko )
2) Gold Christmas ornaments (small gold hexes and gold chain)
3) Gold Christmas sock (polish+iredescent flitter)
4) Gold heart shaped nail piercing
5) Gold Christmas tree (gold caviar/nail beads and gold star stud)

Six Frosty Snowmen

Beauty, Christmas, Nail art, nail polish, snow, snowman, winter
On the 6th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Six Frosty Snowmen (meet the family)
Not my best piece of art but it was kinda hard to paint on the textured white.
Polishes used:
– a-England Tristam
– KOH Colours! Flashing Lights 338
– China Glaze 1250 There’s snow one like you

Seven Super Sweaters

Beauty, Christmas, glitter, Nail art, nail polish, ugly Christmas sweater
On the 7th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Seven Super Sweaters

Eight Mistletoe

Beauty, Christmas, mistletoe, Nail art, nail polish
On the 8th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Eight Mistletoe

Eleven Pretty Presents

Beauty, Christmas, Christmas presents, glitter, Nail art, nail polish
I really want to try to completely take part in the NPQ “12 days of Christmas” challenge.
And so far…I’m doing well!
“On the 11th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Eleven Pretty Presents”
I’m so happy that today is the “presents” nail art cause it’s my B-day as well 😀