Winter look (nails+face)

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I really enjoy making those total looks.
But man, the trouble to get there 😀
First the nails…
I broke 3 nails down to pity size and just couldn’t get used to those tiny, sad looking nails.
Picture will show acrylic nails that I did myself.
For the nail art I started with a gradient of holo’s:
* A england – Tristam
* Layla – Ocean Rush
* KOH – Platinum Silver!
Which I stamped with white snowflakes.
Then the make-up…
Yesterday I’ve created a look that took me about 2 hours.
Too late to take pictures cause I really needed to get the kids from school.
I’ve made a total fool of myself by showing up at school with the make-up on (although the kids thought I was part of a Disney’s Frozen play).
Rushed home, took 125 pictures and decided NOT ONE was good enough :-/
Today I’ve been having more luck and I’m actually very, very pleased with how it turned out 😀
Hope you like it too!

Dutch nails for World Cup 2014 Brasil

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Within less than hour the Netherlands will play their second match in the World Cup tournament.
Let’s hope these nails will bring some luck 😀
Index and ring finger shows a sponged red, white and blue gradient.
Middle and pinky show red, white and blue spun sugar over a golden base color.
Polishes used:
– Essence Hup Holland Hup! 01 Topscorers
– Essence Hup Holland Hup! 02 Hattrick!
– Essence Hup Holland Hup! 03 Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
– Maybelline 820 Winner takes it all!
Good luck Holland!!!

Orly Baked 2014 Swatches, review and nail art

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Today I bring you the Orly Baked Summer 2014 collection.

When I saw the promo above I immediately fell in love with the bright colors.
The name “Baked” and the shown eyeshadow pigments had me wondering what the lacquers would be like.
It took me quite some time to decide if I wanted to get the whole collection.
I’ve been pushing my decision forward until I saw several swatches and finally I decided to get the mini pack instead of the full size complete collection (best arguments: money and the mini pack holds the best 4 polishes from this collection in my opinion).
From left to right:
Orly Baked Tropical Pop
Orly Baked Ablaze
Orly Baked Hot Tropics
Orly Baked Saturated
The other two lacquers are:
Orly Baked Neon Heat: a bright neon pink
Orly Baked Lush: a sheer lemony neon base filled with small and bar glitter


Orly Baked Tropical Pop:
Tropical Pop is a neon yellow toned orange.
Comparable with the the color of a sunflower but more neon/vibrant.
This color definitely popped.
I used 3 coats to get it completely opaque (without tip see through).
Tropical Pop dries semi matte.
Orly Baked Ablaze:
Ablaze is a coral neon with golden shimmer/glitter.
It dries with a very very subtle texture due to the shimmer/glitter.
This is 2 coats.
Macro shot Ablaze:
Where the polish catches the light the gold is best shown (ablaze).
Orly Baked Hot Tropics:
Hot Tropics is a fuchsia neon with silver shimmer.
I used two coats.
This dried more glossy than the Ablaze.
Macro shot Hot Tropics:
Orly Baked Saturated:
Saturated is a dark purple.
Indoors it looked like a vampy purple, black toned.
But outside it was a saturated purple.
This is 2 coats.
It dries semi matte.


I’m very much in love with this collection!
It’s bright and perfect for Summer.
I can’t even pick a favorite but if I have to I would say the Ablaze just because it’s bright, it has that gorgeous golden glow and application was perfect.
The semi mattes were a bit harder to apply: a bit streaky and very quick drying. Taking some more polish on the brush did the trick for a smooth application. Perhaps a topcoat could work as well.
And OMG who doesn’t love a good neon?!

Nail art

I started with a gradient of the neons: Tropical Pop, Ablaze and Hot Tropics using the sponging technique.
I didn’t even want to put anything on top of it.
These are definitely going to be my holiday nails for this Summer 😀
Then I took a detail brush (Kolinsky 5/0) and Saturated and free handed the Summer (beach) designs:
Picture taken in the sun
Picture taken in the shade
And whoop whoop…I finally got a blacklight bulb to show you the gorgeous neon (need some more practice though)…time to get to the club 😀