Winter look (nails+face)

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I really enjoy making those total looks.
But man, the trouble to get there 😀
First the nails…
I broke 3 nails down to pity size and just couldn’t get used to those tiny, sad looking nails.
Picture will show acrylic nails that I did myself.
For the nail art I started with a gradient of holo’s:
* A england – Tristam
* Layla – Ocean Rush
* KOH – Platinum Silver!
Which I stamped with white snowflakes.
Then the make-up…
Yesterday I’ve created a look that took me about 2 hours.
Too late to take pictures cause I really needed to get the kids from school.
I’ve made a total fool of myself by showing up at school with the make-up on (although the kids thought I was part of a Disney’s Frozen play).
Rushed home, took 125 pictures and decided NOT ONE was good enough :-/
Today I’ve been having more luck and I’m actually very, very pleased with how it turned out 😀
Hope you like it too!

Swatches Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat & multichrome rhinestones by Born Pretty Store

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Catrice recently came out with a new series of Million Styles Effect Top Coats.
The effect top coats all have a clear base filled with colored glass flecks.
From left to right:
01 Godfather of Pearl 
Godfather of Pearl is a mix of purple and pink glass flecks.
Although the pink glass flecks are visible, main color is purple.
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
¿Holo, Que Tal? is a mix of yellow and orange/pink glass flecks. This is the only one from this collection that has a very visible duchrome shift in any light source.
03 Have an Ice Day
Have an Ice Day is a mix of yellow/green glass flecks. Main color is a bit more green than the yellow color from ¿Holo, Que Tal?
04 Return of Space Cowboys
Return of Space Cowboys is a mix of blue and blurpe glass flecks. Main color is blue.
Of course these effect top coats can be applied over any color nail polish and/or on the natural nails.
I however, prefer lacquers like these applied over black.
‘Single nail’ swatches show 1 coat of effect top coats applied over 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather (black).
I have a glossy and a matte version for you.

Swatches glossy

Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken in light box with flash

Swatches matte

Picture taken in light box without flash
Picture taken in light box with flash


I can be short.
If you love glass fleck lacquers, these are wonderful for you.
Only note I can give is that they apply like a jelly (a bit syrupy, but workable).
I can imagine this will be harder to apply over time, as it will probably get more and more thick.

Nail art

Today’s nail arts feature another product that I received from Born Pretty Store.
Nail art wheel containing 200 pieces of heart, circle and marquise multichrome rhinestone nail decorations.
Of course I could go for a plain look by placing these rhinestones on top of my swatches but that wouldn’t be me, as I like to add some personal touch.
I thought of another nail art design that I was still dying to try out.
I wanted to do some sugar spun black strings topped with different colors of metallic transfer foils.
And this was the result:
I have to say that the total look was stunning but perhaps a little too much????
So I’ve made another design but this time a bit more calm…or so I thought 😀
Making silver holo area’s in which I placed the rhinestones.
If you want to order some goodies from Born Pretty Store.
You can use my code to get 10% off of your order:

Leesha’s lacquer Halloween Collection (2014)

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Today I bring you the limited Halloween collection by +Leeshas Lacquer.
Alicia (Leesha), who got really addicted to mixing up her own lacquers, decided to take her passion to the next level and opened her own Etsy shop August 2013.
Leesha’s Lacquer is 5-free, cruelty free, and Vegan friendly!
I was planning to give each lacquer a single post but as the collection is already available,
I decided to give you all the scaryness right away ;-D
So be prepared for a heavy post.
The limited Halloween collection features 4 lacquers.
From left to right:
Halloween collection is available from October 1st – November 30th 2014.


Goosebumps is named for it’s microfine goose-bump looking glitter.
This clear base is loaded with black, orange and purple micro holo glitter.
Coats suggested: 3-4 for full opaqueness.
Application was easy.
Pictures of swatches show 3 coats and topcoat.
Picture taken in light box no flash
Picture taken in light box no flash
Picture taken in light box with flash
For the nail art I decided to go for some creatures that give us goosebumps 😀
A green mummy monster and a creepy ghost.
Picture taken in light box with flash

What is this, skull-duggery?!

What is this, skull-duggery?! is inspired by the term skullduggery, which refers to the “tricks” portion, rather than the “treat” of Halloween.
This lacquer has a crelly base (leaning to a very light minty green, perhaps due to the neon green micro glitter). It contains black and neon green micro glitter, big black hexes and orange shards.
Coats suggested: 2-3
Application was easy.
Pictures of swatches show 2-3 coats and topcoat.
Picture in light box no flash.
Picture taken in light box with flash
Now of course I was triggered to try this under black light.
Wouldn’t this be great for that Halloween party with black light ;-D
As inspiration for my nail art I’ve used this image:
Meet Skullduggery Pleasant, main character of the Skullduggery Pleasant novels by Derek Landy.
Picture taken in black light

Thank, Mr. Skeltal

Thank, Mr. Skeltal is inspired by Trumpet Skelton of the Abyss.
Granting good bones and calcium to all who Thank, Mr. Skeltal
Thank, Mr. Skeltal is a black scattered holo, with sprinkles of good bones and calcium throughout 😀
Coats suggested: 1-2
Application was a bit tricky. On the thick side and really, really fast drying. I had no trouble to make it work as a topcoat smoothed everything out, but I did mention it to Alicia and she makes sure the future lacquers will be less thick.
Pictures of swatches show 1-2 coats and topcoat.
Picture taken in light box no flash
Picture taken in light box with flash
Picture taken outside in the sun
For the nail art I’ve used this image of a trumpet skeleton:
Picture taken outside in the sun

Creepy Cauldron

Creepy Cauldron is inspired by two words that truly define Halloween; Creepy and Cauldron.
Who doesn’t think of witches and skull-duggery and tricks and treats and all that good stuff?!
Creepy Cauldron is a clear base filled with various sizes and colors of purple and green glitters, as well as iridescent orange color shifting glitter.
Coats suggested: 3-4 for full opaqueness but this would make a great 1 coat topper!
Application was like other heavy glitter lacquers; it requires some placement on the nail.
My first thought with this lacquer was: “peacock”.
The colors are a perfect match.
Swatches show 3-4 coats and topcoat
Picture taken in light box no flash
Picture taken in light box no flash
For the nail art I really wanted to show the lacquer more as a topper.
I’ve painted a creepy cauldron spilling Creepy Cauldron potion!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this heavy post.
Now grab your creepy self and have a look at Leesha’s Lacquer Etsy shop.
Prices are low and buy any 2 Halloween polishes and receive a FREE cabochon bracelet!!!
Find Alicia on:

Lace nails

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It’s been such a long time since my last entry for the weekly challenge over at Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) community.
Which is actually sad because I really like those weekly challenges and the community!
This week the challenge is: Lace
Although I consider myself more of a free hand painter, lace is a thing that looks just weird when I’m doing it free hand.
And, let’s be honest, the lace patterns on stamps and decals are out of this world!
Today I bring you another nail art with the use of water decals.
And again, these came from Born Pretty Store.
Let’s have a look at them 😀
As you can see there are black and white lace patterns and I immediately had to think about a wedding themed nail art.
As a base for my nail art I’ve used this gorgeous polish by Dance Legend.
Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 03 Gold Fish
Gold Fish is a sheer platinum gold filled with larger scattered holo particles that look like white gold particles without direct lighting,
A polish really suited for wedding nails.
However, when I started applying this polish it was kind of sheer. It did build up but it took me about 5 coats to have it as I please.
Application was really easy and I was able to apply the other coats very soon after the previous.
But…I smudged a nail right after finishing application and had to start all over again.
I decided to make it more easy for myself by using a 1 coater platinum gold as base for the Gold Fish…leading it to be used more as a topcoat.
The color underneath Gold Fish is:
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 820 Winner takes it all!
I cut the water decals so I could make a V-shape (Chevron).
I’m really pleased with the elegance.
What do you think?