And a Very Merry Christmas Tree

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On the 1st day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
A Very Merry Christmas Tree
The challenge has come to an end (as all good things come to an end!).
And I am really, really glad that I managed to pull it off.
I will have some important news to share with you in my next post.
Make sure not to miss it!!
For now…

I’m wishing you a very merry Christmas!!
May you receive love and give love as it is the most important thing in life!! ♥

Two Glitter Bombs

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On the 2nd day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Two Glitter bombs
Perhaps not so Christmassy but the quote is a gift I want to give everyone this Christmas:

“Glitter bomb yourself, you were born to sparkle!”

Three French Tips

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On the 3rd day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Three French Tips
Lacquers used:
Anny Sunset Love (red)
Essence Hup Holland Hup Hattrick! (white)

Eight Mistletoe

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On the 8th day of Christmas NPQ gave to me…
Eight Mistletoe

Swatches, review and nail art Catrice Limited Edition Metallure

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Today I bring you the latest limited edition by Catrice, called Metallure.
Catrice: “Precious metals are conquering the late summer months and are being combined with the trend revival of the marble look. Fashion and accessories appear to be covered in a high shine and are being established as glamorous must-haves with a fashionable liquid look. Not futuristic, but fresh, natural and flowing. The limited editionMetallure is offering the matching beauty products to go with the metallic trend in August and September 2014. In addition to the classic colours of precious metals like gold, silver and copper, this collection also includes fresh pink, classical red and soft white.”
This limited edition features 5 nail lacquers:
C01 Alluring Red
C02 Alluring Pink
C03 Metalight
C04 Metallicious
C05 Metalfusion


C01 Alluring Red
This is 2 coats of Alluring Red.
Alluring Red is a very pretty metallic red with a subtle shimmer.
Perfect for the Fall and Winter season.
It’s pretty opaque and you could get away with just 1 coat.
C02 Alluring Pink
When I first saw this color I was wondering why this was included in this edition.
It looks more like a creme than a metallic lacquer.
Once it was on you can notice the same kind of shimmer from Alluring Red, subtle but it’s there.
Alluring Pink is a quite sheer polish and with the 2 coats in the picture above you still have some tip see through. It doesn’t bother me that much.
C03 Metalight
Metalight is a metallic warm rosé gold.
Very streaky which can be expected with metallic lacquers.
This is 2 coats but you could get away with 1 coat.
C04 Metallicious
Metallicious is a metallic gold with some green undertones as I can see it.
Again streaky and pretty much a 1 coater.
I used 2 coats for the swatch above.
C05 Metalfusion
Metalfusion is a metallic dark silver/dark grey.
Streaky and you could get away with 1 coat.
Swatch is 2 coats of Metalfusion.


I love metallic lacquers but weird enough I feel myself reaching more to the first 2 lacquers (red and pink) which are more subtle shimmer polishes than metallic.
For me the colors aren’t very unique but this time a year (end of Summer) it is refreshing to have some color change towards the Fall season.
The opaqueness of these lacquers is really great. You could mostly get away with just 1 coat.
Drying time however took some longer than I expected, especially when you rather quickly apply a second coat.
The brushes weren’t the worst but I still think they could improve it.
I quote Catrice: “The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish required for each nail and delivers streak-free results like a pro.”
Now, I don’t want to call myself a pro, but I’ve applied lacquers enough to state that this is not streak-free!
Again, somthing I don’t expect with metallic lacquers, but also something you shouldn’t promise if you can’t live up to it.
Verdict: Not a bad collection considering I want to keep 3 out of 5.

Nail art

I wanted to keep it close to the metal look.
Featured nail art by Catrice is a water marble but you all know how I really hate love water marbling.
I went for the dry brush technique instead.
You can find a great tutorial here by Lucy’s stash
I used diagonal brush strokes creating multiplication signs.

Swatches, review and nail art Catrice Limited Edition Carnival of Colours

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I was really looking forward to this colorful limited edition.
When I saw it in stores I just had to grab them 😀
This limited edition comes with 7 nail lacquers.
I only got 6 of them because C07 Black For Gold is just a plain black and I have enough blacks for the moment.
Here are the lacquers I got:
From left to right:
– C01 Team Blue
– C02 Viva Brasil
– C03 Burning Down The Arena
– C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac
– C05 Go Yellow, Go!
– C06 Feel The SpiRED


All the pictures are taken outside in the shade as this shows the colors most truly.
C01 Team Blue
Team Blue is a deep blue.
Very pigmented as it only took 1 coat for good coverage.
C02 Viva Brasil
Viva Brasil is the kind of green from the Brazilian flag.
This is another 1 coater.
C03 Burning Down The Arena
What can I say…Burning Down The Arena is the perfect orange for all the Holland supporters 😀
I’ll definitely use this for my next Dutch nails.
I used 2 coats for this swatch.
C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac
The name of this polish When I Say Li, You Say Lac isn’t really suited for this polish.
Definitely not a lilac. 
It’s a deep purple. Not vampy, but dark.
This is 1 coat.
C05 Go Yellow, Go!
Go Yellow, Go! is another hit with the Brazilian flag.
Quite dark again.
This is 2 coats.
C06 Feel The SpiRED
Feel The SpiRED is the kind of red that I want to see when I buy a red.
I have bought so many supposed to be red polishes that turned out to be orangy or pinkish.
This is a true sexy red.
This was the only polish that had a watery look.
I used 3 coats but you can still see the tip line.
This one would be great for a sandwich/stampwich nail art.


Let’s start with all the good points: 
– The pigmentation is great! They all took about 1-2 coats for good coverage.
– Fast drying.
– Glossy finish.
– I love how this edition is linked to the World Cup Brasil.
What I didn’t like and/or what didn’t meet with my expectations:
– The colors. I expected them to be more bright but they are all kinda dark.
– The addition of the black??? Catrice already has a great black (Black to the Routes) in their collection. Which is cheaper and it doesn’t really suit the Carnival of Colours…
– The brush! Now, I love a wide, round brush but what shape is this?
The best comparison I can make is with this sign:
Did I miss something?? Is this the future?
Now, if the hairs were in a smooth line I could live with it but even that isn’t the case.
It almost looks hand cut. I even checked if all the brushes had it.
It’s not dramatic in use but I hope they’ll improve it!

Nail art

I used the promo as inspiration and tried to hand paint the pineapples as good as I could.
Each limited edition comes with a Catrice nail design which you can find on YouTube.
This time it’s a more simple version of the pineapple. Tutorial can be found here.
Here is my version:

Orly Baked 2014 Swatches, review and nail art

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Today I bring you the Orly Baked Summer 2014 collection.

When I saw the promo above I immediately fell in love with the bright colors.
The name “Baked” and the shown eyeshadow pigments had me wondering what the lacquers would be like.
It took me quite some time to decide if I wanted to get the whole collection.
I’ve been pushing my decision forward until I saw several swatches and finally I decided to get the mini pack instead of the full size complete collection (best arguments: money and the mini pack holds the best 4 polishes from this collection in my opinion).
From left to right:
Orly Baked Tropical Pop
Orly Baked Ablaze
Orly Baked Hot Tropics
Orly Baked Saturated
The other two lacquers are:
Orly Baked Neon Heat: a bright neon pink
Orly Baked Lush: a sheer lemony neon base filled with small and bar glitter


Orly Baked Tropical Pop:
Tropical Pop is a neon yellow toned orange.
Comparable with the the color of a sunflower but more neon/vibrant.
This color definitely popped.
I used 3 coats to get it completely opaque (without tip see through).
Tropical Pop dries semi matte.
Orly Baked Ablaze:
Ablaze is a coral neon with golden shimmer/glitter.
It dries with a very very subtle texture due to the shimmer/glitter.
This is 2 coats.
Macro shot Ablaze:
Where the polish catches the light the gold is best shown (ablaze).
Orly Baked Hot Tropics:
Hot Tropics is a fuchsia neon with silver shimmer.
I used two coats.
This dried more glossy than the Ablaze.
Macro shot Hot Tropics:
Orly Baked Saturated:
Saturated is a dark purple.
Indoors it looked like a vampy purple, black toned.
But outside it was a saturated purple.
This is 2 coats.
It dries semi matte.


I’m very much in love with this collection!
It’s bright and perfect for Summer.
I can’t even pick a favorite but if I have to I would say the Ablaze just because it’s bright, it has that gorgeous golden glow and application was perfect.
The semi mattes were a bit harder to apply: a bit streaky and very quick drying. Taking some more polish on the brush did the trick for a smooth application. Perhaps a topcoat could work as well.
And OMG who doesn’t love a good neon?!

Nail art

I started with a gradient of the neons: Tropical Pop, Ablaze and Hot Tropics using the sponging technique.
I didn’t even want to put anything on top of it.
These are definitely going to be my holiday nails for this Summer 😀
Then I took a detail brush (Kolinsky 5/0) and Saturated and free handed the Summer (beach) designs:
Picture taken in the sun
Picture taken in the shade
And whoop whoop…I finally got a blacklight bulb to show you the gorgeous neon (need some more practice though)…time to get to the club 😀

Brazil World Cup nails

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I’ve passed my theory exam for my license yesterday. YAY!!!

After all the studying it’s only fair to have some “nail art” time again 😀
Today I bring you Brasil World Cup nails.
It’s a free hand design using acrylics and inspired by several Brasil World Cup images.
Good luck to all!

Nail art “Kiss Gold Hot Stamped Water Decals

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Today I bring you Kiss water decals

I love the designs!
The roses, champagne and hearts will be saved for a pretty wedding nail art.
I decided to go for a masquerade nail art.
The designs are quite wide and long.
Even too big for my nails!
However this wasn’t really a problem as I just cut them a bit smaller where I could.
I did look at the instructions on the back but decided to follow my usual method for applying water decals.
My method:
After the basecoat I applied a white polish and added a top coat to speed up drying time.
Meanwhile I cut the water decals to the right size and placed them in a bowl of water.
The instructions on the back say wait 30 seconds till the water penetrates the back of the design and then slide the design off.
It didn’t work after 30 seconds.
I ruined the first water decal by trying to get it slide off 😦
Luckily I had to help one of the children which took about 5 minutes and guess what?
Now I could easily slide the design off.
The placement:
I use my whole fingertop to cover most of the water decal and place it where I want it to be.
You have to be gentle because water decals can easily rip.
I never place them on a wet base because then you don’t get the chance to move them around; placing is in that case sticking and it won’t go anywhere anymore.
The glossy topcoat over the white makes the water decals still movable.
If they are at the right spot they can still be moved so don’t touch them for a while (give it a few minutes).
I did have some trouble flatten these babies out because my nails are quite curved and the water decals are flat.
It’s not perfect but I was satisfied.
Some water decals really don’t act well when the get covered with a topcoat.
These decals have foil like colors so I was scared to put a topcoat on.
I took before pictures just in case.
The topcoat (and make sure your barely touch the nail with the brush) did ruin the water decals for a little bit.
Still I don’t really mind these little imperfections and chose to post the picture with topcoat
These mani lasted very long and I’ve got a lot of compliments on the designs 😀