Breast Cancer Awareness nail art

Beauty, Nail art, nail polish
Finally I got to making another nail art for NPQ’s weekly challenge.
I feel terrible that I’m not able to join more in this fun.
Each week I receive the new challenge in my inbox and each week I immediately have ideas and can’t wait to get started…
But, before I know it, the new challenge is already there 😦
The theme of this weekly challenge is: Corset,
I was already planning for a “Pink Ribbon” mani and well, I thought these two could work great together.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.
The nail art is a free hand design with acrylic paint and polish.
Polishes used:
Max Factor Max Effect 05 Sunny pink (duochrome polish that shifts from pink to gold)
Serum No 5 I gleam in pink (bright neon pink that glows orange in the dark)
Serum No 5 does really glow in the dark.
However the effect is better seen under black blight…especially with the camera.

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